Accessible Amenities

 La Bellasera is committed to ensuring our hotel can be accessible by all. 



  • Accessible parking spaces
  • ADA ramps at parking to entry
  • Each accessible parking space accessible parking space is 14’ wide and provides a 9’ parking area and 5’ loading area where a single disabled parking stall is provided. The loading and unloading area is located on the passenger side of vehicle.
  • An additional sign is posted on a conspicuous place at each entrance to off-street parking facilities or immediately adjacent to and visible from each stall or space. The sign is not less than 17”x 22” in size with lettering 1” in height.

Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

  • 2 swimming pool lifts (1) for the pool (1) for the jacuzzi
  • ADA Ramp to Pool Area


  • The elevator (Floors 1-4) meets all ADA requirements.

Common Areas

  • Assembly areas, conference room, meeting room, public restrooms, lobby, check-in reception desk, exercise facility, corridors, entry ways, pool area, and parking are all meet ADA requirements

  • All buildings are made accessible to the physically disabled (California code of regulations, title 24

  • ADA Electric door control provided at front entry of hotel

  • At every primary public entrance and at least every major junction along or leading to an accessible route of travel, there is a sign displaying the international symbol of accessibility. Signs indicate the direction to accessible building entrances and facilities. And comply with the requirements found in section 1117B5 through 1117B5.10

  • Any steps or abrupt changes in the exterior walkway level are not greater than ½ “

  • All exterior walkways are a minimum of 48” in width

  • Abrupt changes in level, other than between a walk or sidewalk and adjacent to street or driveway shall not exceed 4’ in vertical height, such as planters fountains located in or adjacent to walks, sidewalks or other pedestrian ways

  • Slopes of the road, gutter or access route adjoining the curb ramp do not exceed 1:20 gradient within 4’ of the top and bottom of curb ramp

  • Finish surface or ramp to contrast from adjacent sidewalk to be stable, firm and slip resistant.

  • Accessible route to coincide to the maximum extent feasible. With the route for the general public.

  • All building entrances that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities are identified with at least one standard sign and with additional direction sign, as required, to be visible to person along approaching pedestrian ways.

Controls & Operating Systems

  • Compliant clear floor space that allows forward or parallel approach by person in a wheelchair is provided at controls, dispensers, receptacles and other operable equipment.

  • Controls and operating mechanisms are operable with one hand and the force required to activate controls are 5 lbs. The highest operable part of all controls, dispensers, receptacles and other equipment is placed within 48” of the floor but not lower than 15” if forwarded approached and within 54” but no lower than 9” if side approached, with the following exceptions:

  • Electrical and communication system receptacles on walls are be mounted on no less than 15” above the floor

  • The center of the grip of the operating handle of controls or switches intended to be used by the occupant of the room or area to control lighting and receptacle outlets appliances, or cooling, heating, and ventilating equipment, are not more than 48” above the floor or working platform

  • The center of fire alarm initiating devises are located 48” above the level of the floor, working platform, ground service, or sidewalk.

Weddings at La Bellasera


The perfect setting for your fairy tale wedding, La Bellasera Hotel sits in the heart of wine country of California's Central Coast.

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Local Wineries

Local Wineries

Discover the multitude of wineries near La Bellasera Hotel. What better way to enjoy Paso Robles, CA than tasting the local wines?

Weddings at La Bellasera


The perfect setting for your fairy tale wedding, La Bellasera Hotel sits in the heart of wine country of California's Central Coast.

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